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Anti-Graffiti Window Protection Films

3M Anti-Graffiti Glass Protection Films are designed for both internal and external use. They are used to protect graphics and surfaces from graffiti, scratches and gouges. They prevent scratches from damaging the under surface by providing a protective barrier that is less costly replace than the surface it is protecting. 3M Anti-Graffiti Glass Protection Films can withstand harsh solvents that are needed to remove graffiti.

3M Anti-Graffiti Glass Protection Films are ideal in retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. They can also provide a protective barrier in elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops, and more.

Effective Protection Against Vandalism

Anti Graffiti Window Protection Films are easy to maintain and replace when needed. In case of vandalism, the film can be taken off with no damage to the protected surface and a new layer can be installed within a few minutes. This allows you to avoid interruptions in business.

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